Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FDA Avastin Hearing for Metastatic Breast Cancer News - Terry Kalley Testified at Hearing

Freedom of Access to Medicines is the top resource for all the latest news on the FDA Avastin Hearing!

  • We are currently livetweeting every detail of the Hearing on FAMEDS Twitter.
  • Posting the great number of articles from Media Outlets and having dialogue with supporters on our Facebook Page.
  • FAMEDS has the Patient Protest/Rally Videos, Photos, the Speech Terry Kalley Testified, Slideshow Presented at the Hearing and more content on our Website Hearing Page.


  1. Dear Terry,

    Is Genentech still funding the website, or has funding mostly dried up? I haven't seen any updates in several months.

    I think your 6/28/11 effort was admirable. Is there a best way for other pharma companies to contact you, now that your avastin contract is over?

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