Friday, April 29, 2011

Oncologists, Doctors, Physicians Assistants, Nurses and other Health Care Professionals

Please share your thoughts with your colleagues as you bring a medical perspective to the issue. It may help the discussion if you indicate your background and medical qualifications, i.e., are you a breast cancer oncologist, a nurse, a PA in breast cancer treatment, etc.?

Influential groups such as the NCCN have continued to call for Avastin to remain as an option for metastatic breast cancer treatment, despite the FDA’s move in the opposite direction. Who’s right and why?

Is the FDA doing the right thing in protecting patients or can patients and doctors decide on the benefits and risks themselves?

What course of action should the FDA and Genentech take with regard to Avastin?

How will this affect your pledge to the Hippocratic Oath, if you are forced (for insurance of other reasons) to pull a drug from a patient when it is working for them and they may have few if any alternatives?

Cancer Patients using Avastin for Metastatic Breast Cancer, Their Family and Friends

Are you a current Cancer Patient Using Avastin to fight Metastatic Breast Cancer? Or are you a family member, friend or supporter? It may help if you indicate your connection to Avastin.

Share your thoughts on all aspects of Avastin from medical success to what you feel about the FDA’s position to move Avastin off label.

Tell us what you think about the FDA not allowing the patients or their advocates to speak at the FDA hearing on June 28th & 29th in Silver Spring, Maryland? Do you support Freedom of Access to Medicines with its planned peaceful protest outside the Avastin hearings?

Are you angry? Are you sad? Are you scared? What do you really think and feel?

What’s going to happen to the Avastin patients & what else can we do to help them?

Concerned Citizens from the Left and Right, Lawyers, Activists, Tea Partiers, Libertarians

The issue of the FDA potentially pulling the Metastatic Breast Cancer Drug Avastin off-label is an action that affects both Democrats and Republicans. It raises deep fundamental concerns regarding our rights to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.

Is this government interference in what should be the most individual of choices or is this the government looking out for the best interests of the public?

Is this related in any way to Obamacare or a completely unrelated matter?

Do you see this as another step against a woman’s right to choose?

Or is this the ultimate threat to right to life?

FDA Employees, Pharma and Bio Employees, Medical Advocacy Groups, Patients with Serious Illnesses, Other with interest in the Medical Community

Please comment and share your thoughts on the issue of the US FDA taking the Metastatic Breast Cancer Drug Avastin off label.

Is it the right decision or could it be handled differently?

How will this affect drug development in the U.S.?

Do you fear that this will slow development of other drugs for other serious illnesses?

What does this mean for our economic competitiveness in pharma and bio?

Is the FDA too harsh in its dealings with drug companies or does it need to crack down further on dangerous drugs reaching market?